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Blizzard End User License Agreement 2021

Blizzard reserves the right to reduce, liquidate, disable, suspend or terminate your Blizzard Balance or other Platform Features if Blizzard determines, in its sole discretion, following an investigation, that you have violated this Agreement, including the license restrictions set forth in Section 1.C., misused Blizzard Credits, or otherwise used Blizzard Credits for fraudulent or illegal activities. Blizzard TV Service: If you license World of Warcraft or StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Game to your account or order online services related to World of Warcraft or StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, you will have access to online games and a television service (ESL Turtle TV) as part of the fees paid for the Online Services. It is an IPTV service that includes, but is not limited to, Blizzard games, Blizzard products, and other Blizzard-related content. Content created or uploaded by the user. The Platform may provide you with the ability to upload and view Content on the Platform, by .B. on the Blizzard Forums and/or as part of a game, including compiling, arranging or displaying such Content (collectively, “User Content”). User Content expressly does not include a custom game as defined in Section 1.D.ii.1. under. You hereby grant Blizzard a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, fully paid-up, non-exclusive, sublicensable right and license to use user Content and all of its materials in all media, formats and forms now known or in the future. Blizzard has the unlimited right to copy, reproduce, correct, modify, adapt, translate, reformat, create derivative works thereof and all materials contained therein, and all materials contained therein, create and delete derivative works thereof and all materials contained therein, distribute, sell, license, sublicense, transfer, rent, rent, transfer, transfer, publicly display, publicly execute, grant access, disseminate and practice. and use or incorporate any part or part of the User Content or any element thereof in connection with or in any other material.

In the event that you upload or submit to Blizzard any concepts, ideas or comments relating to the Platform, you will not be entitled to compensation for such Submission, unless expressly agreed between you and Blizzard, and Blizzard may freely use such Submission in any manner it deems appropriate. Any such submission by you will not create a contractual relationship between you and Blizzard. Except to the extent that such waiver is prohibited by law, you hereby waive any legal provision known as “moral right” or “moral right” or similar law in any country of the world. You represent and warrant that the User Content will not infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of any third party. You further represent and warrant that you will not use or contribute to any User Content that is unlawful, illegal, defamatory, obscene, invasive of another person`s privacy, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, racist, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate. Blizzard may remove User Content and any related content or materials from the Platform in its sole discretion. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying Blizzard by email to support@blizzard.com. Use: Unless Blizzard grants you a valid license and alphanumeric key to use and activate the Additional Software, you may not access, use, distribute, copy, display, reverse engineer, derive source code, modify, disassemble, decompile or create derivative works based on the Additional Software. In the event that Blizzard grants you a valid license and alphanumeric key to use and activate the Additional Software, any use of the Additional Software will be subject to the terms of this Agreement. With the sole exception of Licensors` Games, Blizzard owns or licenses all right, title and interest in and to the Platform, including games produced and developed by Blizzard (“Blizzard Games”), custom games derived from a Blizzard Game, accounts, and all features and components thereof.

The Platform may contain material licensed to Blizzard by third parties, and such third parties may enforce their proprietary rights against you if you breach this Agreement. The following components of the Platform (which do not contain any content or components of Licensors` games) are owned or licensed by Blizzard: Thank you for your interest in Blizzard`s online gaming services and interactive games, as well as interactive games from other developers (“Licensors”) that make their games available through the Blizzard Platform. (The Games of Blizzard and its Licensors are collectively referred to as the “Games”). This Agreement sets forth the terms under which you are permitted to install and use the Platform. As used herein, the term “Platform” refers collectively and sometimes individually to (1) the Blizzard Software Battle.net App, (2) the blizzard Battle.net Gaming Services, (3) each of the Games, (4) the authorized mobile applications relating to the Games and the Blizzard Battle.net Service, and (5) all features and components of each of them, whether installed or used on a computer or mobile device. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU MAY NOT INSTALL, COPY OR USE THE BLIZZARD PLATFORM. IF YOU DECLINE THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS OF PURCHASING A GAME FROM BLIZZARD, YOU MAY CONTACT BLIZZARD THROUGH us.battle.net/support/en/ TO REQUEST A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THAT GAME. .