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Yvw Land Development Contractors

The Melbourne Retail Water Agencies ( MRWA) requirements for contractors to obtain and maintain accreditation for their water and sanitation categories are numerous and very specific. B. No warranty, express or implied, is given by Yarra Valley Water Corporation as a result of the certification of any contractor, consultant or subcontractor under the ARCUS accreditation system with respect to its past or future compliance with: All contractors applying for accreditation to perform water and wastewater work with us and through existing accreditation with another municipal and/or regional water authority must complete an application process. Once you are accredited, you will be added to the list of accredited consultants and contractors that all developers in the Yarra Valley Water area must use. To be considered for accreditation with Yarra Valley Water, consultants or contractors must demonstrate and maintain the qualifications, expertise, management systems, work experience and skills necessary to provide the appropriate services. One. Ensuring compliance with safety and environmental legislation and the requirements of the applicable certificate of accreditation is the non-delegable responsibility of the proponent, all suppliers and subcontractors responsible for carrying out the development work (including their employees). For developments that require the construction of new water and wastewater infrastructure, proponents must employ a Yarra Valley Water accredited consultant and a land use planning contract. CDMA also maintains a regulated verification regime for its certified contractors and regularly reviews contractors against performance criteria. The certification of a contractor by Goulburn Valley Water is for the sole purpose of identifying specific contractors who can perform development work.

Developer accreditation (including development consultants, contractors, and live channel contractors) is managed through the ARCUS accreditation system. We publish a list of all our currently accredited contractors and their contact information. The Victorian water industry is managed by the municipal and regional water authorities owned by the Victorian government. Accredited consultants must have at least $20 million in liability insurance and at least $10 million in professional liability insurance. Contractors must have at least $20 million in liability insurance. The application is completed online and includes the selection of each authority for which accreditation is requested. I. safety and environmental regulations or other matters relating to occupational health and safety or environmental management; and the Victoria region is supplied by 13 other regional water boards. Consultants and contractors who wish to add an additional work category to their certification can apply by sending an email to [email protected]. Key company information needs to be entered, including a specific business unit and its associated NBA, company details, insurance, etc.

Please note that GVW does not provide accreditation or listing for specialized services. These services are usually provided through a public call for tenders if necessary. C. No Yarra Valley Water accreditation, permitting or audit activity replaces the requirement that developers, consultants and contractors are responsible for compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and the requirements of the applicable certificate of accreditation, including conducting compliance audits of their own systems, designs and other work. Other authorities are also considering the future of the portal. These water authorities are the suppliers of water, non-potable water, wastewater, commercial waste and water-saving services for residents and businesses in Melbourne and the metropolitan areas. Once accreditation has been established within ARCUS, you must keep your accreditation data in this system. . Contractors can apply for provisional accreditation from us if they do not have an existing accreditation with another municipal and/or regional water authority.

You can access Arcus by requesting a username and password from an authority administrator. The Arcus website is an online web portal for submitting applications for accreditation. Currently, the portal is available for: In the metropolitan area, Melbourne Water is the water wholesale agency that supports the three water retailers; South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water. The three retailers have created the joint association MRWA (Melbourne Water Retail Agencies). The Rural Water Authority, Southern Rural Water, Lower Murray Water and Goulburn Murray Water manage water and irrigation services for rural Victoria. For small main sewer extensions or modification of maintenance structures (minor work), construction of new branches or dismantling of existing branches, an accredited live sewer contractor must be used. If you are a contractor with relevant experience in the construction of water or wastewater facilities and would like to apply for accreditation with Goulburn Valley Water, please select one of the following options: Each organization`s capital work and renewal programs are generally managed by a group of suppliers or a temporary appointment for work packages Specific. In most cases, appointment on these occasions is made through a pre-qualification process in which contractors must demonstrate their skills and experience for the relevant work.

Note that key personnel designated are the only personnel who are “accredited” to supervise the construction site and must be active and on-site during the work. Ii. the provisions of the Certificate of Accreditation that the Development Works must be constructed/designed in a manner suitable for the intended use and in accordance with the appropriate approved design, the standards and specifications of the Yarra Valley Water Corporation, the standards of the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) and the regulations of the Water Services Association of Australia. Approval from the water authority is usually obtained by the following means: Accreditation is completed when the accreditation certificate issued by each authority is signed, dated and uploaded. Contact us at mail@gvwater.vic.gov.au Att: Land Development for more information on the accreditation process. All accredited suppliers must also accept Yarra Valley Water`s accreditation requirements, which are set by an accreditation certificate between each accredited supplier and Yarra Valley Water. Key personnel must have the training, experience and skills relevant to the category of work requested. The system contains a number of sections that must be completed.

The proof of compliance must be uploaded with the answers to the questions asked in each category. Information to be provided and downloaded includes, but is not limited to: Work commissioned by land developers, usually water and sewer systems, supply lines, sewer lines and pumping stations, to become a Water Board facility, can only be built with approved contractors….