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Expand the capabilities of AzureProject with optional add-ons.

Gaff Rig

Rapidly define the dimensions for high and low aspect ratio gaff rigs.


  • gaff spar geometry, section shape and structural properties.
  • Gaff mainsail and headsail
  • Multiple halyards connecting the gaff spar to the mast


  • Create a full rig model for all yachts with multiple masts.
  • Design mizzen sails.
  • With the Gaff Rig add-on, gaff sails can be added to any mast.
  • Sail analysis is available up to five sails

Advanced Aerodynamic Analysis

  • Allows the user to evaluate the sailing loads, by setting the range of sailing conditions, and running the analysis in batch mode.
  • The result is a matrix of the sail’s coefficients, ready to be used by commercial and custom velocity prediction programs (VPP).
  • The available results include the forces and aerodynamic coefficients,
    sail by sail and on the entire sailplan.

“I’ve spent days on deck with the computer monitoring every step […] The results from the calculations were spot on and RigEdge was running without hickups. We achieved a full trim of the main mans (five spreaders) in one day!”

Frank Blaas

Rondal B.V.

Dynamic Module

* Developed in collaboration with RINA Services S.p.A. Italy

The RigEdge Dynamic Module evaluates the impact of the pitching motion on the rig.

It allows you to input Vertical Acceleration, Angular Accelerations OR Angle and period(s) of the vessel oscillation, and it returns the following results:

  • Distribution of inertial loads along the mast
  • Mast bend
  • Luff sag
  • Spar compression
  • Rigging tension