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Rig Design & Analysis

Our services help yacht and rig designers quickly move from concept to final design, cutting prototyping costs, solving management issues, and increasing structure reliability through the use of our advanced structural analysis tools.


  • We use our proprietary sail design technology to create any type of sail plan.
  • From the baseline sail plan, we can identify the optimal rig and sail plan by simulating variations in sail trim, sailing conditions and sail shape geometric parameters.



  • Using RigEdge, we evaluate the tuning and sailing loads.
  • Once the global strength of running and standing rigging and spars is evaluated, we can further verify the design using advanced FEM / FEA tools.

“Amazing job from you guys at SMAR Azure Ltd. Special thanks from the owners to Francesco Nasato for the rig design. They never dreamed we can reach such accuracy throughout their custom project.”

Jean Saintonge - Voiles Saintonge