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Expand the capabilities of AzureProject with optional add-ons.

Gaff Sails

Gaff Sails is the unique design program for designing low and high aspect ratio gaff sails.


Multi-Rig allows creating a full rig model for all yachts with multiple masts.

The additional masts can be edited using the same options (to add spreaders, diamonds etc.) as the main mast. This allows the user to design mizzen sails. Gaff sails can also be added to any mast with the rig plan.


Img2Des is available with any version of AzureProject. This tool allows the user to measure a flying sail shape from any digital picture or image of a sail. The measured data can then be directly used to create an AzureProject design file, which can be compared with an initial sail design and/or with a flying sail-shape calculated using the analysis tools available in AzureProject.