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SA Evolution

By virtually simulating the aero-elastic behavior of sails in up-wind sailing conditions, SA Evolution helps you achieve the optimal fibre layout.

SA Evolution

For many years fibre layout design has been an uncertain and time-consuming activity, resulting in both successes and failures. The reason: the technology necessary to optimize fibre layouts was not available to the overwhelming majority of sail designers. 

Now, SA Evolution brings a new level of science to the ‘art’ of fibre layout design. By virtually simulating the aero-elastic behavior of sails in up-wind sailing conditions, comparing alternative fibres and layouts, and analyzing the resulting sail shapes, the optimal fibre layout distribution can be achieved. The result: optimal fibre layouts. 

SA Evolution is available either as a Design Consultancy Service (undertaken by us on your behalf, based on your submitted design), or as an additional software tool, to be used by you in conjunction with AzureProject.

Main Benefits

  • Fully integrated design, fibre layout and meshing resolve any flaws occurring in the migration of data from one design system to another.
  • The comparison between principal stress directions and intensities calculated with alternative fibre types, allows the selection of the optimal fibre layout.

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SA Evolution

Paolo Semeraro, Banks Sails, ITA

“The fiber layout tool allows designers to be extremely creative. It does not limit number of fibers groups. Day after day we are developing faster, lighter and aesthetically superior string layouts”

Sandy Goodall, Independent Sail Designer

“Previously an area of sail design notorious for ‘hit and miss’, string sail fiber layouts and fiber content certainly deserves a serious scientific approach! Now, SA-Evolution virtually simulates the aero-elastic behaviour of string sails in upwind conditions, comparing alternative fibers and layouts, and analysing the resulting sail shapes. This is crucial to arrive to an optimal fiber layout, choosing the best combination of fibers and fiber distribution”

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