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Analysis Modules

Expand the capabilities of AzureProject with our Analysis modules – allowing you to evaluate the performance of your sail design.

Analysis Modules


The optimization of sail-shapes is a difficult task: because the conditions that a sail experiences change continuously, also seen to change is the mutual influence of the sail performance and flying sailshape. 

Flow2 and Flex are powerful tools to help designers improve their understanding of the aero and structural aspects of sail design, and to optimize their designs in terms of both mould shape and structure, ultimately resulting in smoother, faster sails.


Flow 2 is a robust aerodynamic analysis tool that enables sail designers to examine the sail forces generated by their proposed upwind sail designs, and then optimize these results by modifying the mould shape and trim.


Flex is the unique and innovative tool that explores the complex interaction between the wind and sail forces, combined with the chosen sail materials and their structural characteristics, and the resulting deformation of the original design mould shape. 


The advanced analysis tool lets the sail designer calculate the flying sail-shape and stress distribution, by taking into account the specific panel layout, and the type of sailcloth utilised.

“Analytical tools are good on two counts, they allow you to compare different cloth manufacturers’ products against each other, as well as checking the flying shape and I use it a lot with my customers to show them different trimming techniques”

Chris Owen, SailTrimCoach, UK

“Our sails, designed with AzureProject, are winning the most important races and showing that sails, made by an independent sailmaker as us, can win competitionsthanks to accurate design, use of good materials and manufacture. SMAR Azure has provided us with a powerful software that allows us to design perfectly our sails and also the fiber layout. AzureProject helps us to improve the sailing performance via the aerodynamic studies and perform structural analysis to ensure good durability of our sails.”

Nacho Orti, Advanced Sails, Spain