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With an intuitive, easy to use interface, NestFab automatically nests panels quickly and efficiently.


NestFab has been now fully integrated with the AzureProject. With one-click and a few seconds the AzureProject user will have panels and patches automatically nested with NestFab (typical performance is 85% of cloth usage) saving time and cloth.

Develop panels as usual and check the NestFab option. Configure the NestFab options and run nesting. Simple as that! See video below for full demonstration.


  • Powerful & fast true shape nesting system.
  • Excellent material utilization for quicker ROI (return on investment)
  • Full hole filling capabilities
  • Specify allowable placement angles and quantities for parts
  • Set lower or higher part priorities for desired nesting output
  • Nesting onto multiple rectangular or irregular sheets
  • Holes and defective regions on sheets are avoided
  • Multiple layouts discovered quickly and viewable at the click of a button!
  • Full user control over nesting durations
  • Expensive material? No problem, allow more nesting time to obtain even better material utilizations!


  • Quickly and easily import parts and sheets via the DXF import wizard
  • Geometry repaired automatically and previewed to user for confirmation
  • Import wizard automatically identifies multiple parts and sheets from DXF
  • Have multiple tooling layers? No problem, layer information can be attached to parts for CNC tooling after nesting


  • Exports nests to DXF, PDF, SVG or a variety of image formats
  • Print full nest reports


  • Compelling user experience
  • Highly graphical interface provides immediate user feedback
  • Ribbon bar guides you through the nesting process
  • No more complex menus!
  • No expensive training or retraining required – you’ll be nesting & outputting to your machine within minutes!

About NestFab

NestFab is available in Standard and Ultra Performance version. Contact us if you have any questions or request NestFab demo.

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