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The leading solution for design of sails and fiber layouts

Sail design

Work methodically through the various steps of rig modelling, sail mould shape design, panel layouts, corner patches and sail details.

Fiber layout

Design and control fibre layout accurately.

Performance Analysis

Optimise sail shapes by calculating sail drive force, sail flying shape and corner loads


AzureProject is the World’s Leading Solution for Sail Design, Fiber Layout and Optimization. It is used worldwide by more than 200 designers to develop accurate and fast sails. It is user-friendly and available in various options to suit the sail-designer’s individual needs.



Design modules (AzureLite and AzureDesign) allow sail designers to work methodically through the various steps of rig modelling, sail mould shape design, panel layouts, corner patches and sail details. Panels and patches are saved in all file formats used in the industry.

Special design modules for gaff and multi-rigs are available in the Add-Ons

To aid sail design, Img2Des has been created to measure a flying sail shape from any digital picture or image of a sail.



The AzureProject fiber layout tool is used by fiber-membrane manufacturers. It is very user-friendly and allows user to control the layout accurately. Panels can be produced by any manufacturing machine.



The accurate analysis modules (Flow2 and Flex) enable the sail designer to optimise the sail shape, by calculating the sail drive force (in Flow2) and the sail’s flying shape and corner loads (in Flex).

The Advanced Analysis takes into account not only the specific panel layout but also the type of utilised sailcloth .

SA Evolution is the analysis tool specifically designed to optimise the fiber layout. It relies on robust aeroelastic analysis to achieve maximum results (weight and sail-shape control) from fibre layout sails.



To empower customer relationship and sale process, SMAR Azure have created AzureVision and AzureViewer to enable sail designer’s customers and agents to visualise sail designs.


About AzureProject

Brad Stephens, Australia

“There is increased pressure with centralised manufacturing to ensure that designs reach the production floor complete and each release of AzureProject is enhancing that ability to use a single application to generate and distribute all the design and manufacturing requirements. “Design at a distance” is my philosophy by which a sail designer should be able to design a sail anywhere in the world, issue the design to manufacturing and not get call back for additional details.”

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