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Newsletter – May 2019

We have just released or May Newsletter! Here are the topics covered in the edition:

  • We just released AzureProject version, with new features and bug fixes.
  • Getting started with AzureProject – Interview with Robin Chace-Payson
  • Francesco’s corner – a look at the various options for creating patches in AzureProject.

For any questions about any of the information in the newsletter, our software or services, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re available at info@smar-azure.com

Getting Started with AzureProject – Bohndell Sails

Bohndell Sails are one of our most recent customers, having decided to purchase AzureProject this spring.

We asked the loft owner, Robin Chace-Payson, for her feedback on her early experience with AzureProject, and she was kind enough to get back to us:

“We chose to move to AzureProject because we upgraded our plotter software as well as our sail design computer, so it seemed natural to also upgrade our design program.
A major selling point was the optional gaff sail design module, since up until now we have needed to do a floor lay out for gaff rig designs.
Our staff was initially a bit intimidated with all the new features that AzureProject offers, but with lots of help from the SMAR Azure team, we are up and running. The interface is set up in a logical manner that helps guide you through the different parts of sail design, plus the assistance from Francesco and Donald has made our purchase
more than worthwhile for our company.
Not only did these guys provide helpful feedback on our sail designs and teach us how to use the program, but their kindness was much appreciated. We’ve struggled to bridge the gap between ourselves as sailmakers and the software developers of other programs in the past, so their
excellent customer service has been a great benefit.
The communication between our loft in Maine, USA and the SMAR Azure team in Europe has been quick and efficient via Skype and email.
We are very pleased with our decision to have purchased AzureProject and look forward to learning more about this program as time moves forward.”

Robin Chace-Payson, Bohndell Sails
Four different sails being worked on in the Bohndell Sails workshop – all designed with AzureProject.

We’d like to thank Robin for her very kind words!

You can read more about Bohndell Sails on their website, at